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You'll love this ultra-lightweight chair with great back support when you want to sit quietly and bird in comfort. The aluminum-framed, portable chair weighs only 3 lbs. and can hold 250 lbs. The feet pods prevent the chair from sinking into the ground and allow the chair to stand upright when folded. The tripod seat width and back height are each 16 in. and padded. Folded, the chair measures only 6 x 27 in. high.

Unfolds and sets up in seconds! The unique shoulder-carrying strap automatically closes the chair and allows you to transport it easily. The fabric is PVC-backed and water resistant. The straps are 100% nylon.

Lifetime limited warranty.
Hunter Green

Price: $30.00 + Shipping
A smaller, lighter alternative to the Quick-E-Seat when portability is an issue and you still want to sit comfortably while waiting for a bird to appear. The Pack Seat weighs only 23 ounces and folds into an attached 4 x 15 inch bag that you can clip to your belt or carry in a day pack.

It has reinforced stress points in the seat fabric and a strength strap on the anodized aluminum legs to increase the weight capacity to more than 250 lbs. The strength strap doubles as a small storage compartment or a place to rest your field guide, and it helps to prevent sinking into soft ground, sand, or snow. Limited lifetime warranty.


Price: $25.00 + Shipping
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