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Airlines Directory
The Washington Post maintains an alphabetical list of airlines, with phone numbers and Web sites.

The Best Fare

If the best airline fare is of greater interest than flying a specific airline then check out the best fare section. The best fare sites where you do not have to enter more than your name and a password will be of interest though you may want to go to each to verify the best airline fare. Information on air traffic status and filing complaints may also be helpful.

Beta Site
This site is still under development but is well worth visiting for ease of use in finding the lowest airline fares for air travel in Canada and the US. One advantage is it only list flight options that are available though sometimes the best fare means spending a night in an airport between late arrivals and early departures or several stops. It displays the results by airlines for one stop, two stops and nonstop and by flight times and airports. The “by airport” display is particularly useful if you live in areas served by more than one airport, such as Washington, D.C.

Expedia’s airline fare calendar option lists the lowest fares available though you may have to search for your departure dates. You can also search by timetable and see what fares others are finding.

Webflyer is the center of all knowledge of frequent flier programs. They maintain a composite list of the airlines’ weekly air fare deals. Which is a good place to check when you want to chase a rarity on short notice for most fares are for the coming weekend.

Travelzoo will show all the active air-fare promotions from your departure city as well as vacations, car rentals, lodging, adventure travel and other unique escapes.

Other Booking Information

Seat Location
This site has the seating charts for 11 major airlines so you can check to make certain that what you think is an aisle seat really is.

Airport Services
Information on ground transportation, nearby lodging, services, sometimes terminal maps plus airport internet facilities plus much more for major airports around the world.

Frequent Flier Miles
This site calculates the miles you would earn for your trip. This could be useful if you are near a certain reward level and a rare bird turns up, you can determine if a quick trip to try to see the bird might be just what you need.

Air Traffic Status

The Federal Aviation Administration maintains a reasonably consumer-friendly web site that gives information on airport delays. If you want to check a specific airline flight status on whether it has departed and when it is expected to land, check out’s Flight Tracker which allows you to search by airline name and flight number or by a flight’s scheduled departure and arrival time.


The Department of Transportation site is set up to specifically take complaints or you can go to an industry trade group, the National Business Travel Organization. The former is specifically seeking information on over booking and availability of lowest airfares but includes information on how to file other complaints. The latter has an electronic complaint form for air, car, hotel, and other as well as links to passenger rights documents.


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