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Map web sites can be divided into two categories--Trip Planning sites that will map a route for you and provide route information from traffic reports to pizza parlors and site that provide just maps.

Trip Planners

Map Quest

The most visited travel web site. Door to door driving instructions for US, Canada, and Europe. Airport, address, and area code maps. Live traffic reports for major US cities. US White and Yellow pages. Travel and city guides. Free membership allows one to customize your map with icons representing restaurants, museums, and other points of interest.

Maps On Us
A product of Lucent Technologies, this map site is simple and produces quite legible maps that can be adjusted with a number of pan, zoom, and label controls. Routes can have up to 5 intermediate points. Provides Yellow page listings.

Rand McNally
A map, trip planning, travel store, and travel information by the well-known map maker. Map locations for the US and Canada, general maps for many places in the world, and trip planning information for the US only.

Trip planning and route selection for the US and Canada though of the four sites, this one could not get me from my home to my work place. Excellent destination information from Lonely Planet.

Just Maps

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

An excellent comprehensive listing of city, state, country, national parks, airports, and general maps. Maintained by the University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

Maps and References
An extensive list of links to topography maps, weather maps, telephone and internet directories, occasional CIA map, and more for countries, states, and cities all over the world. Maintained by the University of Iowa Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research.

The National Geographic Society
Those great Geographic maps on line with a host of interactive features. You can search for a specific destination though some smaller places such as Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK only comes up as a speck though the Falkland Islands has a detailed map.


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