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Want to know what the exchange rate is for your adventure travel destination? What is the current time? How about dialing codes? Key language phrases? Bet you never thought of speed traps? These are useful sites for adventure travelers and birders.

Currency Converter
You can easily check an exchange rate plus you can check the interbank rate, the credit card exchange rate, and the cash rate.
You can also do measurement conversions.

Current Time
Have trouble determining the time at your destination or what time it is back home? This excellent site not only gives you the latest times around the world but allows you to print out a copy. Daylight savings times are outlined in yellow. You can also get more detailed time zone maps for US, Europe, Russia, Australia, and Oceania.

World Time and Dialing Codes
You plug in your location and where you wish to call and it will provide the time at calling and receiving ends and the local access codes for major cities.

Virtual Language Lesson
With over 70 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, you can learn basic words, directions, and more. You can also download audio and take an online quiz.

To encourage safe driving, this site provides a list of speedtraps in over 30 countries from Andorra to the US. My favorite speed trap in Virginia rated two listings!


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