Staying In Touch


Easiest and cheapest way to stay in touch while traveling is through net mail whereby you can send and receive e-mail as long as you can connect to the internet, which is becoming easier and easier. Cybercafes are springing up around the world (see directory below), and even airports such as Gatwick in England has several internet kiosks where internet access is $1.50 for 10 minutes.

Accessing Your E-Mail

Accessing Your Email
If your local provider does not provide net mail service, you can sign up with one of the free web-based e-mail services such as Microsoft’s Hotmail. Best to register before you leave and check out how it works. You can also access your email through several free, web-based sites such as Mailstart , and Mail2Web. You will need to know your email address and password.

Where to Find Cybercafes

Internet Cafe Guide
Want to tell the folks back home how many life birds you have seen? This site contains 3532 cybercafes in 143 countries. You can search by country, city, or cafe name. World news by region is also provided.

Central and South American Cybercafe Guide
Developing list of cybercafes south of the Rio Grand, including the Caribbean.

U.S. Airport Internet Stations
US airports are just beginning to provide internet stations so the list is not very long.


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