Northern Territory

Birding Information

Birdlife International Bird Links to the World
Their site provides a map, covers number of bird species and endemics plus a checklist, general country information, general web pages, bird pictures, and birding and individual trip reports.


A Bed & Breakfast in Alice Springs with a garden setting with abundant birdlife (50+ species)

Eden at Fogg Dam
Between Darwin and Kakadu National Park, Eden is 2 km from Fogg Dam Nature Reserve and Bird Sanctuary. The dam has flood plains with observation lookouts, and two boardwalks: 'monsoon forest' and 'woodlands to water lilies.' All areas have illustrated information boards on the fauna, flora and history of the area which has abundant birds, wallabies, frogs plus other wildlife and water lilies in season. Window on the Wetlands Tourist Centre is close by as is the Adelaide River crocodile tours. The B&B caters to naturalists, especially birders.

Tours and Guides

Kirrama Wildlife Tours
Birding tours from the tropical forest of the east coast to the arid outback in the west to mangroves and monsoon forest of the north. German speaking tour leaders available

Deniae Goodfellow
Specializes in birds around Darwin.

NT Bird Specialists
Based at the Mary River Park, 110 km from Darwin, NT Bird Specialists host wildlife tours for tourists as well as providing knowledgeable guides for the professional and amateur birdwatchers alike. On a visit to the Top End, a tourist or birdwatcher has the opportunity to see vast quantities of wetland and grassland bird life. They also cater to the"professional birdo" wanting to spot rare birds.


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