Birding Information

Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today
Tina MacDonald’s excellent “Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today” site contains links to Russia birding hotspots, checklist and maps, information on endemic and endangered birds, links to rare bird information local events and festivals, and information on tours/guides and accommodations. Information on print resources and climate will be added soon.

Seabird Colonies of the Bearing Sea
Maps provide an excellent method for visualizing the extent of the seabird population in Alaska and the Russian Far East. Tools are provided to enable queries on the Seabird Database and view the results on a map.

Tours and Guides

Free Living
A list of British birding tour companies and the time of year of their Russia bird tours.

Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
Founded in 1974, it is now the largest company in the world specializing in birding tours. VENT organizes special cruises one of which is to the Russian Far East and the Bering Sea.


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