Birding Information

Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today
Tina MacDonald’s excellent “Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today” site contains links to Scotland birding hotspots, checklist and maps, information on endemic and endangered birds, links to rare bird information local events and festivals, and information on tours/guides and accommodations. Information on print resources and climate will be added soon.

Shetland Wildlife
The latest news and information usually about bird life.

Checklist to the Birds of Foula
The Island of Foula is the furthest west of the Shetland Islands.

Scottish Seabird Centre
Located in North Berwich, just east of Edinburgh, the Centre opened in May 2000. Every year over 150,000 seabirds return to the islands off North Berwick, Scotland`s Seabird Town. More than 80,000 North American Gannets cram onto the Bass Rock during the breeding season, and can be watched by remote camera from the center.

Tours and Guides

Caligo Ventures, Inc.
2 tours to Camargue/French Pyrenees and French Pyrenees

Field Guides
Field Guides has been operating high-quality birding tours since 1985 from its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Free Living
A list of British birding tour companies and the time of year of their Scotland bird tours.

Grampian & Cairngorms Wildlife Services
They offer a "hire a guide" service, available to guide small numbers of people around the best birding and other wildlife sites in northeast Scotland. They can take you to see whichever species you want to see- if it occurs in Scotland, They know where to find it.

Local Guides

Britain's largest selection of professionally organised natural history holidays.

Shetland Wildlife Tours
Established in 1992, Shetland Wildlife Tours offer a varied range of guided tours - by sea or overland - that last from just a few hours to a full seven days.

The Strathspey Birdwatching Centre
Heatherlea organise birdwatching holidays in Strathspey in the Scottish Highlands throughout the year.

Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
Founded in 1974, it is now the largest company in the world specializing in birding tours.


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