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Birdlife International Bird Links to the World
Their site provides a map, covers number of bird species and endemics plus a checklist, general country information, general web pages, bird pictures, and birding and individual trip reports.

Trip Reports from OSME
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October 1996 Expedition looking for the Lesser White-fronted Goose.

May to June 1999

June to July 1997 -Visit to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

July to August 1997 -Primarily a trekking trip to Kirghizstan by way of Kazakhstan. Birding was catch as catch can.

Tours and Guides

Free Living
A list of British birding tour companies and the time of year of their Kazakhstan bird tours.

Britain's largest selection of professionally organised natural history holidays.

All WINGS leaders have varied interests in natural history and other more or less closely related fields, but the timing and itinerary of our trips are dictated almost entirely by ornithological considerations.


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