New Zealand

Birding Information

Birdlife International Bird Links to the World
Their site provides a map, covers number of bird species and endemics plus a checklist, general country information, general web pages, bird pictures, and birding and individual trip reports.

Where to Watch Birds

New Zealand Birding Directory
A list of birding spots, lodges, and nature centers.

Where to Watch Birds

Ornithological Society of New Zealand
This site has a checklist, atlas information, schedule of meetings and events and the usual information found on such sites.

Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today
Tina MacDonald's excellent site contains links to New Zealand birding hotspots, checklist and maps, information on endemic and endangered birds, links to rare bird information local events and festivals, and information on tours/guides and accommodations.


Bed and Breakfasts
Great listings from historic lodgings to farmstays to national parks and wilderness.

Tours and Guides

Field Guides
Field Guides has been operating high-quality birding tours since 1985 from its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Forento New Zealand
Forento New Zealand specializes in customized bird watching tours throughout New Zealand. With professional guides and local ornithologists you will see rare and endemic bird species such as wattlebirds and parrots in some of our country's most magical locations.

Free Living
A list of British birding tour companies and the time of year of their New Zealand bird tours.

Kiwi Wildlife
Tours are particularly suited to people already involved in bird watching in their own countries but who would like to travel outside their area of knowledge with a group of like-minded people. They are the only Department of Conservation (DOC) concessionaire with authority to take clients onto the DOC estate, throughout New Zealand, specifically to observe birds. This means that their activities are monitored and they pay a royalty to the Department for each client, which in turn goes towards further protecting our environment.

Manu Tours
They offer guiding to the best birdwatching locations in New Zealand, for a day or two or a comprehensive tour of the country and its unique bird life. Our tours are designed to find as many species as possible including most of our endemics. While birding is their main focus, they also share their knowledge of the rest of our fauna and flora, and history. Another feature of their tours is the use of Home and Farmstay accommodation, where possible. They run several scheduled tours each year and can customize a private tour at affordable prices.

Pelagic birding trips off Kaikoura, New Zealand where one can see up to 8 species of albatross, last 2-3 hours. The trips go all year round, however the winter months of May to September offer the greatest variety of seabirds.

Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT)
Founded in 1974, it is now the largest company in the world specializing in birding tours. Look under Australia and Pacific for the southwest Pacific tour.

All WINGS leaders have varied interests in natural history and other more or less closely related fields, but the timing and itinerary of our trips are dictated almost entirely by ornithological considerations. They sometimes have tours to New Zealand.

Zegrahm Expeditions
They offer a limited number of birding expeditions with founder and seabird expert, Peter Harrison, as trip leader. Click on birding expeditions for information on an extensive sea voyage of New Zealand and its subantarctic islands.


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