About Big Pockets Clothing


BigPockets is a clothing line made in America(!) and designed by field birders, making BigPockets ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. Fabrics for our garments are machine washable, quiet, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Our jackets are waterproof and windproof. The vests have UV coating to protect you from the sun. Because BigPockets garments are lightweight you can easily pack them in a backpack, small carry-on, or suitcase. Some customers use our vests and jackets (with so many pockets) to deal with the carry-on constraints imposed by airlines. Features include padded shoulders, D-rings, ventilation, numerous small and big pockets, including security, water-bottle, field-guide, binocular, camera, lens, and gear pockets, all of which may be used for a variety of other purposes. BigPockets also carries products for washing waterproof and breathable fabrics, including Gortex.

We want you, our customer, to enjoy nature, wildlife, and travel in perfect comfort. The BigPockets line includes binocular harnasses and strap, Tripak for carrying your tripod & scope, softwraps to protect your optics and other valuables, folding chairs for the trail, bags/packs, walking staff, umbrella, shirts, sun hat, money belt, and travel underwear.

Daphne Gemmill, world-class birder, created the BigPockets clothing line.

Daphne GemmillAn avid, worldwide birdwatcher, she wanted functional clothing for outdoor birdwatching for all seasons. She found fabrics that had muted colors (not to distract wildlife) that were also good-looking, low-rustling, withstood rain and wind, durable, lightweight, and packable. Other priorities were features, such as big pockets for binoculars, field guides, and gear; two-way zippers; padded shoulders for carrying tripods and wearing binoculars; cinched cuffs. All the clothing prototypes were extensively field tested (see testimonials) by well-known birdwatchers who enjoy field birding. All the garments in the BigPockets clothing line are American-made.

Scholarly & Specialized Publishing (SSP), which managed American Birding Association’s membership magazine for twelve years and supervised the customer service, fulfillment, and catalog publishing for Daphne for five years, has assumed the management of BP and is doing business as BigPockets.