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BigPockets Tropical Vest

Our original Tropical Vest features ten big pockets large enough to accommodate binoculars, iPads, books, and magazines.

BigPockets Equatorial Vest
Our vests feature padded shoulders to improve comfort while carrying a tripod or shoulder straps and a snap belt to distribute weight evenly when pockets are loaded up with items. The pockets vary in sizes, from an inner zippered security pocket to large pockets that accommodate binoculars, iPads, field guides (including Sibley), water bottles, and other gear you need while birding, hiking, or enjoying the outdoors. Customers also report that these vests are perfect for animal training, photography, outdoor recreation, and other activities. The fabric is luxuriously soft and durable, dries quickly, and weighs only 15 oz., taking up little space in your suitcase.

"This was one of my best purchases as I carried so many things in the vest on my flight. It was like an extra travel bag. Once in Costa Rica, it held everything I needed from rain wear to passport. . . . I got some grease on the shoulder from the zip-line on the canopy tour, and I got drenched on a nature hike. . . . The vest dried in the first 20 minutes of sunshine, and the grease stain washed out about 98%. Great quality!"

Carmen S., Dawsonville, Georgia, USA

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